And the Quackbusters press on!

Posted On January 9, 2010

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The status of homeopathy is under attack in the UK. Little by little, your rights and wishes as an NHS patient are being eroded. Did you know that, even though homeopathy is available on the NHS (and has been since the NHS started) if you want homeopathic treatment today under the NHS, you will have to take part in a post-code lottery, depending on which PCT you come under. If your PCT has recommended that homeopathy NOT be funded under the NHS, you will not be referred to any NHS homeopathic hospital or clinic. Why are  PCTs taking this line? Well, on the ‘advice’ of some people in high-up places, who want to kill homeopathy off altogether. They say it doesn’t work, never mind that more and more people are asking for it because they can see it works!

Actually, the real reason is that homeopathy works exceptionally well, and is exceptionally cheap! But it stops doctors prescribing expensive pharmaceutical drugs, which means the drug companies profits drop. So homeopathy has to be stopped! And so does anything else that represents a threat to industry and big pharma and their profits.

Want to read more about all the insidious propaganda that is being put out to stop you learning the truth about health dangers and health solutions? Then visit the following website:

(The bit about homeopathy comes at the end)


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